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Why Choose CAM?

CAM is a platform that fixes the challenges, mitigates the risks, and reduces the costs of using multiple collaboration systems, making it easier to provision, classify, protect, move and minimize data for project & relationship-based organizations.
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Protect the Data You Need, Minimize What You Do Not Need

CAM streamlines the process of managing & governing data, making it accessible, secure and compliant. ​​

CAM minimizes the chaos of data spread across
systems, making it easier for users to place documents
in the right place and for risk management teams
to understand context, so they can apply the right
security & minimization policies.
Quickly provision Teams, Channels, workspaces, folders, & documents automatically or through a human workflow across systems.
Apply rich metadata to help end users locate data & risk management teams to understand document context. Gain naming templates to create standardized naming for different groups and teams.
Transform the way you protect your data. Manage internal & external users and groups across systems, assign relevant roles and permissions, & grant permissions or restrictions.
Easily move content within & between collaboration systems to strengthen governance & respond to client requests.​
Move, delete or export data as needed for your organization and clients.​ Reduce the cost and risk of unnecessary data & comply with regulations.
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How CAM Works

CAM integrates with your source systems (CRM, PPM, Practice Management, etc.) to support initiation of projects & relationships across collaboration systems. The platform helps your organization set processes that enable users to place content in the right location and risk management teams to apply proper security, improving adoption & governance.

Concerned About Data Security?

Learn how Prosperoware handles your data, and ​how to best utilize our security features to improve your ​data governance.
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Safely Collaborate Without Chaos​