Process and Governance for Content & Collaboration Systems

Privacy, Cybersecurity, & Adoption

In the Cloud or On-Premises

Prosperoware CAM has been built on a unique approach, linking process with governance. As an enterprise privacy management platform for multiple content systems, CAM supports iManage, NetDocuments, Office 365 (Microsoft Teams & SharePoint Online), Kira, HighQ, and many more to come. CAM enables organizations to improve processes around management of office documents and reduce risks related to privacy & cybersecurity.

Why choose CAM?

CAM fixes the challenge and reduces the cost of using multiple cloud services, enabling consistent information governance and full matter lifecycle management, from provisioning through disposition, across them all.

Choosing CAM For Your Organization: Key CAM Capabilities

Matter provisioning across systems, ability to set up and update matter & workspace security, matter creation and provisioning via fillable forms with integrated approval process, and matter name templates standardizing naming for different practice groups – all this, and more, is doable in CAM.

Identify where all metadata is stored, report easily across various systems, and move content between systems when metadata is inconsistent or misaligned – Master Data Management enables all this and more. With a unified directory of matters and centralized management of metadata across systems, this unique CAM feature provides you a synchronized and cost-effective platform addressing your pressing need for better data management.

With the ability to apply different levels of access to the workspace and content in a matter, ability to grant or request access to matters and documents for users and service desk, alongside the ability to do wall breach prevention among other features, CAM transforms the way you protect your data diminishing any data breaches concerns.

Reporting, advanced analytics, and complex queries are limited to each provider’s specific offering or capability, and data manipulation is impossible – without CAM. With rich reporting and analytics, you can better support information governance, cybersecurity, and total quality management programs all at once.

Manage users and groups across systems while keeping consistency, assigning relevant roles and permissions, and dictate matter participation and restriction with CAM. Simplify the process of rapidly providing users access to all appropriate systems.

In case of outage, store a copy of your DMS documents in your own AWS cloud instance, with the metadata and security stored in CAM. Obtain ready access to important and time-sensitive firm and client work product.

The capacity to not only create policies with retention from start or end of the matter, or even based on activity triggers by applying relevant criteria, is enabled from our single unified platform, CAM. It allows moving, deleting, or exporting content to fulfill your firms and your client’ demands.

Leverage CAM for Microsoft Teams & SharePoint Online

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Managing Legal Content Systems in the Cloud

The legal industry uses a variety of different systems to deliver matters. Many are now used in the cloud – eDiscovery and litigation support, document management (DMS), collaboration, transaction management, and deal rooms, to name just a few. This poses a challenge for integrating these cloud systems into a firm’s infrastructure and to one another, to drive:

  • Provisioning
  • Tracking
  • Deprovisioning
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Updating of Metadata & Security
  • Copying and Moving of Content
  • User & Group Synchronization
  • Archival and Deletion

The solution to this challenge is CAM – a platform that orchestrates and integrates data across multiple cloud systems, including HighQ, Office365, iManage, NetDocuments, Kira, and many more. With the added benefit of a platform with a multitude of features securing better data governance and sustainable adoption, CAM helps with your firm’s major IT and legal-related processes through an integrated cloud-based platform whose aim is to simplify the operations of your legal firm.

Concerned about Data Security?

Learn about how Prosperoware handles your data, and how to best utilize Prosperoware security features to improve your data governance

CAM Integration Architecture

CAM supports a variety of structured and unstructured systems. It allows source system provisioning for users, groups and workspaces from any cloud-based source system (Matter Management, Docketing, CRM, or HRIS systems), with REST API or web services support. This allows rapid integration of external systems to CAM enhancing provisioning capabilities across disparate supported content systems.

Supported Systems

Microsoft's modern suite of enterprise-level productivity applications and services.

Cloud-based document and email management platform for law firms, legal departments, and professional services firms.

Work product management platform for law firms, legal departments, and professional services firms, in the cloud and on-premises.

AI-enabled platform for uncovering relevant information in contracts and related documents.

Secure project and client collaboration platform for legal and professional services firms.

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