Managing Content Systems in the Cloud

CAM unifies management of multiple cloud-based content platforms to enable consistent governance, security, and business continuity: a single pane-of-glass to control all other platforms.

CAM – Simplifying the Cloud for Firms

Cloud offers flexibility but introduces new complexity to provisioning, integration, information governance, security management, and cost allocation.

The average law firm has more than 200 applications behind its firewall, and as they transition to the cloud, they have a mandate to maintain access and security, while ensuring a smooth user experience. CAM is designed to help firms manage cloud-based content across the full matter lifecycle.


Unified matter directory, automated and on-demand matter provisioning, automatic updating as matters change, and consistent security management in the cloud. Maintain and manage the firm’s full inventory of data, across all systems without increasing headcount.

Maintain a live, mirrored, cloud copy of content – with its metadata – without the need for onsite servers or storage. Content remains fully searchable and accessible in the event of content-provider outages.

Migrate content between disparate systems securely and seamlessly to and from the cloud. Preserves important metadata, document, folder, and matter security settings.

Supported Systems

Microsoft's modern suite of enterprise-level productivity applications and services.

Cloud-based document and email management platform for law firms, legal departments, and professional services firms.

Work product management platform for law firms, legal departments, and professional services firms.

AI-enabled platform for uncovering relevant information in contracts and related documents.

Secure project and client collaboration platform for legal and professional services firms.

Secure enterprise project and client file sharing and collaboration platform.

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