CAM Brochure

CAM Brochure

Why do you need CAM?

The legal industry uses a variety of different systems to deliver matters. Many are now used in the cloud – eDiscovery and litigation support, document management (DMS), collaboration, transaction management, and deal rooms, to name just a few.

This poses a challenge for integrating these cloud systems into a firm’s infrastructure and to one another, to drive:

      • Provisioning
      • Tracking
      • Deprovisioning
      • Reporting & Analytics
      • Updating of Metadata and Security
      • Copying and Moving of Content
      • User and Group Synchronization
      • Archival and Deletion

The solution to this challenge is CAM – a platform that orchestrates and integrates data across multiple cloud systems, including HighQ, Office365, iManage, NetDocuments, Kira, and many more.

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