Access Management

Manage all Your Users and Groups from One Central Platform

Being able to manage diverse users and groups across multiple systems can be challenging. This becomes especially apparent when the numerous content and structured systems do not ‘talk to each other.’ With that being the case, the ability to have a centralized and controlled management system falls short. CAM tackles all these challenges by providing a single governance platform to enable access management. The Access Management feature within CAM allows: (1) to keep users and groups consistent across platforms; (2) to ensure everyone who needs access to a certain matter has it; (3) to disable access when users leave the firm; (4) to provide temporary access across documents or matters; and (5) to rapidly provision new users.

Edit User and Group Memberships

Role and permission assignment specific to matters, users, and groups

Ability to see user & group membership for matters and workspaces

Quickly add or remove users and edit groups memberships

Member participation and restriction for each user/group

Synchronization Across Multiple Systems

Integration with human capital management systems

Feature customization based on users’ relevancy and needs

User and group sync across diverse systems

Simplified process of managing users & groups

Access Management at Your Disposal with a Few Clicks

Effortlessly provide users access to all appropriate systems


Reduced IT costs

Increased matter security

Fewer resources required, better workload management

Improved user adoption due to customization of features based on users’ needs and relevancy

Reliable detection of inappropriate user activity for applicable matters

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