Business Continuity for DMS

The challenge for any organization is to be prepared when an outage happens, whether that outage is related to cybersecurity issues, internal server issues, or cloud systems. Business continuity is a critical element of many privacy and cybersecurity laws and regulations. These regulated entities require vendors to prepare for business continuity incidents and have processes in place to ensure document access in outage cases. Prosperoware’s CAM offers business continuity for iManage server 10.2 and above on-premises, NetDocuments, and iManage Cloud, to CAM.

Be Prepared for All Business Continuity Incidents

Business continuity feature in CAM enables organizations to store a copy of their DMS documents in their own, private, AWS cloud instance. CAM only stores the metadata and security, with no access to documents or other data important to the client. In case of an outage, CAM’s business continuity provides ready access to important and time-sensitive firm and client work product. 

Instantly Access Documents, Even During Outage

Key Features

One-Time Password (OTP)

Sync documents metadata and security on-premises and in the cloud, to CAM

Store your documents in your own AWS cloud

Profile search and content download

Document check-in when systems are back online

See Business Continuity in Action

Seamless Workflow Experience

Maintain Business Continuity — At All Times 

Business continuity was designed to address the need for organizations to have business continuity plans and processes in place to ensure compliance with the latest privacy and regulatory requirements. It was also designed to provide organizations with rapid access to documents in case of an outage (due to cybersecurity issues, internal server issues, or cloud systems). Check out the following video for a demo on CAM business continuity.

Want to know more about Business Continuity?

Read more about CAM Business Continuity using our datasheet.

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