Remote Work is Not the End of Productivity

Remote Work is Not the End of Productivity

March 23, 2020
During this week many of us woke up to a remote workforce environment. Fear that this will impact productivity has captivated many organizations. But when done correctly, remote work can certainly yield positive results. It has been proven that remote work positively impacts employees and employers.
Stanford study conducted a two-year experiment on the effects of remote work and found significant increases in productivity and employee satisfaction. So, how can organizations enable remote work and reap the benefits from it?
Whether your organization has been affected by extraordinary conditions, or just decided to offer work flexibility, here is one simple step you can take to facilitate remote work while maximizing productivity.

Prepare for the Overload 

This sudden switch to remote work for all employees can find some organizations unprepared. When all employees are trying to access content from home, systems may get overloaded, or just function very slowly. To maximize productivity, you need to make it as easy as possible for your employees to access important work documents.
Frustration will increase if your systems are often overloaded while everyone is trying to access their work content causing document edits to get lost as a result. Collaboration becomes more difficult when remote sessions crash causing a hindrance to productivity. That is why, if your Document Management System (DMS) is on-premises, you might need an alternative access point in times of such overload.
One simple solution is copying your DMS content to the cloud. This would enable employees to have the ability to perform a profile search to any content they have access too. After that, employees can download documents as needed and continue working. This makes remote work easy and more accessible for everyone in the organization.

What WOffer to Help with Overload  

Prosperoware CAM offers a business continuity solution for iManage server 10.2 and above on-premises, NetDocuments and iManage Cloud.

The business continuity feature in CAM enables organizations to:

  • Store documents the firm’s AWS cloud for enhanced security;
  • Sync of documents’ metadata and security whether that is on-premises or in the cloud, to CAM;
  • Receive a One-Time Password (OTP) for document access in outage cases;
  • Ability to do document profile search and download documents accordingly;
  • Check documents back-in once systems are online.

Learn more about our future-proof solutions here.

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