Securing Your Hybrid Workplace: A Proactive Approach to Data Protection

Securing Your Hybrid Workplace:

A Proactive Approach to Data Protection

13 April 2021· 4 min read
The shift to remote work has fundamentally changed the way we live and workBut, thanks to virtual collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, productivity is actually on the rise. Teams empowers organizations and employees to efficiently collaborate,  and provides them with the tools to best mimic the rhythm of offices.
The switch to remote work has also created some unfortunate side effects. Cyber-attacks and data breaches have increased by 67% since 2014, as hackers prey on the vulnerabilities of organizational systems. Following recent high-profile attacks, such as SolarWinds and the Microsoft Exchange breach, many are left asking “What can we do to protect ourselves and our businesses?” 
When it comes to cybersecurity and data protection, being proactive makes a difference. It takes months for organizations to identify a breach and by that point  they have been hit for millions of dollars in stolen data, not even including regulatory fines and reputational damage 
Having a plan and best practices in place prior to an attack is the most prudent solution. Here‘s how our platform, Prosperoware CAM, empowers your organization to protect data from loss or compromise and minimizes risks related to privacy and cybersecurity. 

Provision, Classify, Protect, Move, & Minimize Data

Built on five key tenants, CAM helps you provision, classify, protect, move, and minimize data across collaboration systems. Organizations gain control over data chaos created from disparate systems and gain effective governance and adoption, minimizing risks of breaches and fines.  
CAM integrates with various collaboration platforms, including Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, OneNote, Planner), file shares,  iManage, NetDocuments, HighQ, and more to come.

Provision Data Across Systems  

Microsoft Teams and other collaboration systems are pivotal to our working lives, whether in a remote, hybrid, or in-office setting. However, the manual provisioning of Teams, Channels, workspaces, folders, documents, and more, can be extremely  resource intensive.
Companies often don’t have the resources to handle the sheer amount of data that need to be created. On top of that, employees often disregard proper provisioning when left to their own devices, saving files in their local computers, contributing to data chaos and increasing privacy risk.
Clearly, automation is necessary.
CAM allows your organization to provision workspaces, Teams, Channels, folders, and documents from Project Portfolio Management, CRM, Time & Billing, etc.,  automatically or through human workflow using templates. The platform also enables provisioning of internal & external users, managing permissions, and integrating with ethical wall systems.
This keeps data organized and secure, controlling chaos and minimizing risks related to privacy and cybersecurity.

Classify Data Through Metadata  

While provisioning creates logical locations for users to save content, finding that content and applying security is a challenge when working across hundreds or thousands of projects.
Context is crucial for tackling this problem and it can only be gained through metadata. Such context makes it easy for end users to search and find relevant content and for risk management teams to apply the relevant security and minimization policies.
CAM allows applying rich, custom metadata for project or document context across collaboration systemsThe platform uses the metadata to establish a unified project directory, where users and administrators can find relevant content and properly manage and govern it.

Protect Data from Loss or Compromise   

Part of a proactive approach to cybersecurity is accepting the idea that a cyber-attack is inevitable. Given that there is an attempted attack every 39 seconds in the United States alone, a key part of planning is that a “bad day” can (and probably will) happen to you too.
CAM protects your data by allowing you to apply need-to-know or Zero-Trust security automatically across systems for internal and external users. It also enables you to create a separate archive of documents to access in case of incidents and provides analytics to report on inappropriate behavior. Should a “bad day” take place, CAM still has you covered through its data loss prevention capabilities including activity monitoring and bulk security & metadata changes.

Move and Export Data Securely    

Sometimes, you will need to collaborate with different departments, offices, or even organizations. This requires data movement and export within or across systems. Manually moving data takes too many resources and could lead to error.
CAM enables your organization to efficiently move and export content within and between collaboration systems. To take it one step further, it also allows inter-organizational movement of data and documents. This not only streamlines virtual collaboration, but also keeps the entire process reliable and safe.

Keep Data as Long as You Need it: Minimize the Rest

Organizations are required by privacy and cybersecurity regulations to keep data for only as long as it is necessary and minimizing it when it is no longer useful. Keeping data beyond its usefulness inflates storage costs for organizations and increases the risk and vulnerability of a data breach.
CAM allows organizations to minimize data by setting trigger-based data disposition policies with approval workflows. This means that your organization could set step-by-step controls on what happens to data once a project is completed. The data could be moved to a different system that you use as a main content repository, be anonymized to use for analytical purposes, and finally, be fully deleted from your systems.
If the data is necessary for pending or ongoing litigation, CAM allows you to appllitigation holdspausing disposition, and enabling you to track the holds through the unified directory. Once litigation is completed, you can resume disposition and minimize the relevant data.

Your First Step in Protecting Data Starts Today  

Being proactive starts with being educated. Now that you’ve taken the time to learn both the importance of data protection and how CAM can help you govern itschedule a consultation with us to see CAM in action.

Want to see CAM & Microsoft Teams in action?

Want to see CAM & Microsoft Teams in action?

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