Rethinking how lawyers, IT, and other professionals get work done without sacrificing security

Prosperoware and its customers have evolved a number of best practices to address pressing challenges around Matter Centricity, managing our electronic files in iManage, integrating iManage and SharePoint content, and  information governance in the age of cyber attacks. This section of Prosperoware’s website includes the latest thinking on these subjects – and more – ranging from the top 10 best practices for Matter Centricity, designing workspaces, and understanding email management to a wide range of security issues.

What’s more, we’ve made this information very consumable as slideshares. A few minutes and a few clicks and you may see things from a whole new perspective.

Legal Software
Here we post slideshares that spotlight business-critical best practices for using legal software in a way that balances the needs of lawyers and other professionals to work effectively – in the office and on the road – with the firm’s need to mitigate risk. You’ll find all our slideshares in this section. For a more targeted list of slideshares,  scroll down these titles and select the area that most interests you.

Legal Matter Management
Matter-centric collaboration is an evolving process. Here we share established best practices to make it easier to collaborate securely, to improve adoption of the electronic file, and to tailor workspaces to fit our practices.

Legal Document and Email Management
The primary goal in most firms is to capture all matter-related content. These best practices make it easier for users to access and import both documents and email into iManage with smooth, solid workflows that don’t require IT support.

Legal Information Governance
Law firms today are increasingly threatened with a loss of client business if they can’t show improved security. Here we share best practices on a number of security fronts, including client privacy, ISO certification, and defense against hackers.

Legal IT Trends
Listen to the conversations law firms and other organizations are having around information governance, legal matter management, and law practice technology. Here we share what we are reading about a number of industry trends – as well as the latest “buzz” in the marketplace.

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