Baker Botts Case Study

Baker Botts Case Study

Milan is key to success in Am Law 50 firm Baker Botts’ Migration to iManage Cloud

At a time when firms face tremendous pressure to compete, technology is key. User adoption, cybersecurity, “need to know” access, accommodating matter file transfersinto and out of the firm, enabling granular service desk controls, and efficient management of important systems is crucial. Document management remains a core platform, and firms need to meet these requirements effectively. Prosperoware Milan provides the otherwise missing piece of that puzzle which enables firms to be successful with their document management, whether on premises or in the cloud – or both!


Headquartered in Houston, Baker Bottsis anAm Law 50 firm with approximately 725 lawyers practicing throughout a network of 14 offices around the globe. In 2013,the firm implemented the iManage document management system (DMS) along with Prosperoware Milan. The firm manages complex matters and teams around the globe, and ensuring consistent matterstructures was key to efficiency and governance. In late-2016, as part of its broader strategy, the firm’s new CIO, Rick Boulin, advocated strongly for migration to the cloud—citing the strategic goal “to increase Baker Botts’ agility as an organization and rapidly deliver the latest innovations to stakeholders.” One of the first targets of this strategy was the firm’s document management system, iManage Work.

The Technology

Karen Lockhart,Associate Director, Enterprise Business Systemsfor Baker Botts, is accountable for the firm’s application portfolio. “When we first selected iManage, we did a thorough review and considered how we wanted our users to interact with it, including such detail as providing the most appropriate end-user click menu options and we felt Prosperoware Milan was the best choice for these functionalities,” states Karen.

The firm also chose Milan to enable matter centricity, ease administration, and improve the iManage end-user experience, enabling seamless matter opening, workspace management, folder management, and document recycling.

Specifically, the firm implemented Confidentiality Management Lite,Workspace Manager, Folder Management, and Recycle Bin. These products were crucial to enabling proper governance over matter security, simplifying and automating workspace and folder design and creation, and facilitating recovery of deleted documents.

In addition to providing important functionality, these tools reduce support requests by empowering end-users. Prosperoware Milan enables better gover nance and strict security controls over each individual matter. MilanWorkspace and Folder Management reduce administrative burden and cost by standardizing folder types and offering end-user self-service that meets firm policy and taxonomy, alleviating IT overhead and bottlenecks via automated processes; the software also improves lawyer experience by organizing matters based on working style. And, the mature features of Milan Recycle Bin allow the firm to provide a robust mechanism for safe end-user deletion and recovery of documents that adheres to strict records management policies.

Our goal was ambitious and would set us apart as the first large law firm to fully adopt the cloud. Milan’s features are integral to our DMS user experience, so it was important to ensure those features would come with us.

The Plan

The firm subsequently planned migrationstoWindows 10 and the iManage Cloud. Ensuring Milan’s features were fully integrated and available within the iManage Cloud was also vital to the project’s success.Karen recalls:“Our goalwas ambitious andwould set us apart as the first large law firm to fully adopt the cloud. Milan’s features are integral to our DMS user experience, so it was important to ensure those features would come with us.” With a fixed go-live date of April 2017, the firm had an extremely limited timeframe of only 90 days to ensure everything worked. “We were very fortunate to have had Prosperoware jump in and assign resources that helped make the project a success, on time, and on budget,” shared Karen.


Baker Botts completed their rapid iManage Cloud migration project within the brief 90-day timeframe, integrating full Milan functionality to all their worldwide offices – including a select few offices which retained on-premises iManage due to performance reasons.Milan provided a seamless bridge between the two iManage environments. Initial user feedback has been thoroughly positive. Karen concludes:“From an IT standpoint,the best implementation is the one that the end users don’t see or feel, and that was certainly the case with Milan. It has been a seamless transition for our endusers who interact with and rely on the software, and because the cloud version looks nearly identical to the on-premises version, our end-users didn’t require any training. Above and beyond the success of the software, it’s the hallmark of an exceptional technology partner that the Prosperoware team jumped-in to ensure our success.We truly value their partnership and look forward to continued success.”

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