Zone Mailbox Import for iManage

Keep Import emails in bulk with folder structures intact

When lateral professionals arrive at new law firms, they often arrive with Outlook PSTs that aggregate emails from their existing engagements. Once firms get official releases from clients to formally transfer the information, they typically import the PSTs into iManage.


Many firms want to move to a slim inbox policy, which limits the number of emails that can reside in inboxes. The challenge, however, is how to get there. Many users will have 10 or more years of legacy email, and they need a quick and an efficient way to move content en masse from Exchange to iManage without burdening iManage Communication Server or tying up their desktops.


Zone Bulk Email Import allows users and administrators to map the structure of PSTs or Exchange mailboxes to iManage. When the email is imported, complete folder structures are maintained. The information imports asynchronously, meaning professionals can continue working on their desktops during import operations.

Imports email in bulk to iManage

Allows the mapping of PSTs or Exchange mailboxes to iManage workspaces and folders

Preserves the existing folder structure from PSTs and Exchange

Merges two folders upon import, if desired

Deletes email from source systems upon import

Imports email privately

Optionally, Zone Bulk Email prevents duplicate email from being imported

Want to learn more about Zone Mailbox?

Read more about Zone Mailbox from our product datasheet.

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