Ascera for Integrating iManage and SharePoint

Simplify integration for better collaboration 

Businesses that use iManage as their primary content repository often want to share content on an intranet or on extranets, which usually are built on SharePoint. Prosperoware Ascera enables – and simplifies – the integration of these two systems. Without additional products, integration between iManage and SharePoint is impractical, leaving professionals to default to email, defeating the security and benefits of content systems. Ascera provides a better solution.

Ascera Publisher

Publish and sync documents, folders, and workspaces between iManage and SharePoint libraries.

Synchronizes documents, folders, and workspaces between iManage and SharePoint

Publishes iManage documents, folders, or workspaces to SharePoint as links or copies

Provides both one-way and two-way sync (allowing users to edit documents in either iManage or SharePoint)

Automatically imports new SharePoint documents into iManage

Tracks and reports on what has been published to SharePoint and which publishing option was selected

Ascera Web Parts

An HTML5 iManage client that exposes parts of the iManage repository, including documents, saved searches, folders, and workspaces.

Shares any part of the iManage tree, including any workspace, folder, search, Worklist, My Matters, or My Favorites

Displays iManage folders and documents dynamically or as fixed data

Supports multiple iManage servers

Supports key standard iManage functions, including import, versioning, download, edit, and view profile

Provides integrated check-in and check-out with DeskSite and FileSite

Audits all activities and logs in iManage history

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