Manage Content Systems in the Cloud

Firms continue to adopt cloud (hosted) solutions, from the growing use of Microsoft Office365, to various SaaS vendors for document management (DMS), deal rooms, extranets, eDiscovery, litigation support, and more.

Cloud offers greater flexibility but introduces new complexity to provisioning, integration, information governance, security management, and cost allocation. IT teams relied on SQL tools to manage and integrate on premises systems. In the cloud, that capability is lost, creating a critical data management gap.

For many cloud systems, client-matter identifiers are optional metadata. Lawyers and other professionals provision matters in those systems and fail to assign appropriate client-matter numbers, leaving firms unable to properly track, manage, and govern them.


Directory of Matters and Workspaces

CAM provides a unified directory or file plan of all matters and engagements across a firm including which cloud providers currently contain documents and other client data for each matter. Firms have the flexibility to define the metadata or profile data they want to track. Using intelligent, full-text search, matters can be quickly located. CAM enables complete matter lifecycle management, from initial provisioning through ultimate disposition, and everything in-between.

 Update Workspaces as Matters Change

Oftentimes, a matter will change over the course of its lifecycle. This can range from simple matter name changes, client name changes, or changes to the folder structure and security. CAM empowers unified, automated management of all such changes.

 Manage Security – set security across all repositories

Security today is top of mind. CAM enables the management of security at both the matter and workspace levels. This granular support allows for flexibility in how security is managed across system. A user can quickly be granted access where appropriate. New employees can be quickly added to existing matters.


Next Generation Platform for Managing Content Systems in the Cloud

Milan Move Archive & Consolidate

Initial Matter and Engagement Provisioning

Automatically provision matters via integration with a firm’s time & billing, practice management, matter management, HRIS, or any other system of record.

  • For matters not provisioned through an integrated system, CAM also offers ad hoc matter creation via configurable forms with integrated approval workflow that generates a unique identifier for each such matter.


Create Workspaces with Initial Provisioning or On-demand with a Template

  • Workspaces can be automatically created in various supported systems such as DMS and Office365 as part of the initial matter provisioning process.
  • Other systems such as deal rooms, contract due diligence systems, and eDiscovery workspaces also can be easily created, as needed, via the intuitive CAM interface.


In supported systems, CAM can create multi-level folder structures via its integrated template editor. Workspace names are driven via rules that enable customization based on practice area. Metadata and security can be pre-defined within templates to create structures with custom security settings such as to limit access to a subset or superset (where supported) of users beyond those on the matter.