Umbria – Data-Driven Practice Management

Cost-conscious Clients Drive Change in How Legal and Professional Services are Delivered

The professional services industry—and more particularly the legal industry—is undergoing a dramatic change. Clients are unusually focused on securing greater value for their firms.

As a result, they are making the “cost-conscious” choice. For example, many clients have begun to use alternative providers rather than the firms they traditionally turn to. In the legal industry, alternative providers live under the banner of legal process outsourcers and third-party eDiscovery companies.

Some clients are also choosing to manage the work themselves, essentially using the law firm as a subcontractor instead of a prime. For many legal and professional services firms, this has created a meaningful drop in demand, requiring leaner organizations with fewer support staff and tighter margins.

Umbria Business Intelligence, Budgeting, & Pricing

A data-first practice and matter management platform that facilitates legal process management

Firms today are struggling to address the needs of cost-conscious clients with their traditional infrastructure. The primary problem: timely, accurate data is just too hard to come by. Umbria Pricing, Budgeting, & Business Intelligence from Prosperoware provides instant access to client and matter information. Umbria helps partners in legal and professional services firms price, budget, and monitor matters and engagements for cost-conscious clients without sacrificing profitability. Umbria functions as a core platform that connects professionals, such as lawyers, with their administrative support teams, such as business development, pricing, finance, and human resources—allowing the firm to work in a more integrated manner. Learn more.

Umbria Experience

Use data documented in time entries to organize and evaluate information critical to the firm

The tracking of matters, engagements, and people both internally and externally has always been an essential element of business development in law firms. Umbria Experience makes it easy to profile your matters and engagements to analyze business opportunities, support proposal generation, and assign resources. Learn more.

Umbria File

Create and manage pleading and closing indices and bundles

Most legal and professional services are deeply dependent on the organization of information, particularly documents and email. Umbria File allows you to create and manage indices of documents and email, including pleading indices, witness kits, closing indices, and more. Learn more.