Milan for Information Governance

An information governance platform for professionals who use HP WorkSite, DeskSite, and FileSite

The Milan family of products is an information governance platform for organizations that use WorkSite, DeskSite, and FileSite (HP WorkSite product family) as their document management system. Milan promotes greater adoption of the WorkSite product family by empowering users to do more by improved administration without IT intervention.

For organizations that are focused on improving collaboration and work processes, Milan enables a more standardized approach in the WorkSite. For the information governance and risk management professional, Milan enables processes such as transfer of client files, confidentiality management, including ethical walls, litigation holds, data leakage, and investigations. Milan also provides functions for SharePoint and WorkSite Records Manager (WRM, formerly IRM).

Milan Admin Export
Transfer files out of the firm without being a WorkSite superuser or tying up the desktop

Milan Admin Import
Transfer files into the firm without being a WorkSite superuser or tying up the desktop

Milan Admin Move, Archive & Consolidate
Quickly move or copy documents and workspace across libraries and consolidate libraries

Milan Advanced Analytics
Enable the firm to report on data leakages and conduct investigations and other reporting

Milan Confidentiality Management
Streamline processes for securing confidential information including ethical walls with no adverse effect on productivity

Milan Desktop Export
Export documents, folders, and workspaces via user-friendly wizard

Milan Desktop Import
Import documents and entire folder structures of content supplied by outside parties

Milan Desktop Move & Copy
Move and copy documents and folders without IT intervention

Milan Desktop Workspace Profile Edit
Prevent accidental deletion of workspaces and limit what metadata fields may be updated

Milan Email Processor
Reduce the review cost of file transfers out of the firm

Milan Email Queue Management
Troubleshoot and monitor email from Exchange to HP Worksite

Milan Folder Management
Apply flexible record standards to files to make it easier to collaborate on engagements

Milan Internal Secure Share
Share documents internally without breaching ethical walls

Milan Legal Hold
Automate legal holds in HP WorkSite

Milan Matter Teams
Enable users to safely manage security of their workspaces without IT intervention

Milan Matter Hub
A bundle of products to improve the adoption of the electronic file

Milan NRL Handler
Enable users to continue to use old NRLs after a consolidation

Milan Organize My Matters
Manage and group workspaces shortcuts into categories

Milan Provisioning for WorkSite, WorkSite Records Manager, and SharePoint
Unify the creation and maintenance of Worksite workspaces, WorkSite Records Manager client-matters and physical records, and SharePoint sites with matter opening

Milan Recycle Bin
Delete documents as needed within the safety of a multistage process

Milan Rules-Based Re-filing
Automatically update security and metadata whenever documents are touched

Milan Self-Service
Share content quickly and easily with self-service security options

Milan Service Desk for WorkSite
Alleviate bottlenecks by distributing WorkSite administration functions to service desks

Milan Workspace Management
Easily perform changes to workspaces in bulk

Milan Workspace Wizard
Enable professionals to securely create their own workspaces