Ascera for Connecting iManage & SharePoint

Integrate iManage and SharePoint with two technologies

Law firms and other organizations – such as legal departments – that use iManage (e.g., DeskSite or FileSite) as their primary content repository often want to share this content on their intranets or extranets, which are usually based on SharePoint. The Ascera family of products enables the integration of these two systems.

Without additional products, integration between iManage and SharePoint is limited and complex to manage. Users need to manually export document or NRL links and then import them into SharePoint. This complexity discourages use and impatient professionals often default to email, defeating the economic efficiencies of intranet and extranet usage.

Prosperoware offers two sets of technology to integrate these platforms, both of which may be used in a sophisticated deployment:

Ascera Publisher and Ascera Web Parts

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